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Wednesday, 20.02.2019, 07:29
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IBD and foods that you can eat

Gone are the days when medical treatments were confined to drugs and surgeries alone. With the growing advancements in various medical sciences that have been widely adopted around the world, apart from medicines like antibiotics, other chemically derived drugs, as well as generically engineered drugs like biologics in IBD and specialized surgeries, both workout patterns as well as fully fledged dietary plans have to be adopted to boost the healing process to achieve remission. When it comes to choosing treatment methods for curbing disease conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, diet plans can be significant, as some of the foods that are consumed on a daily basis can augment treatment process, whereas some others wreak havoc and trigger uncontrollable flare-ups that soon worsen the health conditions of IBD patients. This is the reason why IBD patients have to take cue from expert dieticians and kick-start a beneficial dietary plan that helps combat the disease condition and its debilitating symptoms. Here are certain foods that IBD patients can choose to include in their daily diet:

1.Did you know that both chicken and turkey are rich in protein and lean? They are easy to digest as well as mind, and act as a rich source of digestible protein.
2.Soft and smooth avocados are rich in vitamins B and E, good fats, as well as potassium. They also contain easily digestible and highly-soluble fiber.
3.IBD patients who do not suffer from acute diarrhoea can opt for butter lettuce salads, as they are tender and quickly digestible.
4.Roasted peppers with their skins removed are safe and highly nutritious.
5.Nut butters are excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and good fats.
6.Pureed chickpeas and pureed lentils are great sources of lean proteins and other essential nutrients. They help avert digestive troubles.

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