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Biologics therapies for IBD

No matter what the extend and complication of an inflammatory bowel disease treatment process is, the main goal of IBD therapies can be categorised in to two, out of which achieving remission is the first and foremost. A close second is maintaining the achieved remission. Every therapy in IBD treatment is administered with the aim of helping patients gain a symptom-free phase, which is essential to regaining the overall health and wellness. Though IBD therapies are mostly reliant on differential diagnosis IBD, preliminary treatments include chemically derived medications that are recommended to combat the debilitating symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. However, these medications fail to work wonders in certain cases, resulting in the need of stronger medicines that can supress mild to serous IBD conditions. The latter part of the treatment process in involve the use of biologics for IBD. This is a newest class of genetically engineered drugs with increased effectiveness and less significant side effects. Biologics for IBD cure are made from living organisms and their products such as proteins. These advanced and specialised medications interfere with the GI inflammation causing agents and inflammatory responses of the body. Unlike the chemically obtained drugs that supress the immune system, biologics focus on targeting the specific inflammation-causing molecules and affected areas of the body, thus speeding up and easing the healing process as a whole. The targets that biologics might focus on include TNF-alpha, interleukins, adhesion molecules, and so on. These advanced medications are developed based on the comprehensive knowledge of how each of the inflammation causing agents work to creating acute inflammation and various symptoms that inflammatory bowel disease patients often suffer from. The FDA approved biologics drugs for IBD treatment are:
2.Certolizumab pegol

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